We Are – Poetry

We are…

cherries in the jar of life, victim
to the chubby fingers of a red faced child
fat from eating only the sweetest, prettiest ones.
Who will be sacrificed to his giant mouth?
Volcanic tongue, vampire teeth,
sucking out our juices as we shield our eyes
from blinding white drywall.
We are drowning in the juices we weep.
Coughing up the red sweetness in our jar, wrinkling away
as the child digests the freedom of another.
We are comfortable tanning in the refrigerator light,
reddening up our skins and rounding our curves,
unintentionally the next victim
to the fatness of that red faced child who chooses
the reddest, curviest ones to squish
with chubby fingers and feed to his
appetite for life.

– Intuitive Ginger

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