… unfolded the balance with an introduction to immunity.
Bare the holiness now for I might break
but in the circle paint my portrait You.

… opened the sky to swallow this shadow.
Show these eyes the undeniable before I fall
and to the North we’ll fly, Friend.

… burdened the mind to infatuate this reality.
Seal the blessing with this curse
and to the East we’ll kindle, Love.

… reached into the menial to give divine direction.
Call me to bewilderment for I am alone
and to the South we’ll bathe, Brother.

… dug this hole from the bottom up.
Hold this hand, for I am displaced,
and to the West we’ll grow, Mentor.

This divination, death, transformation,
I feel…
Solitary power but do not claim to be.
In the circle paint my portrait…


– Intuitive Ginger

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