You asked me…Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A false gypsy, with a magic 8 ball,
tosses me onto the table
in an untrained tarot spread.

Well… I think-
I’ve spent years of being gift wrapped
with ambition,
shipped off with Santa,
dropped down the chimney of conformity,
just so I, Jack,
could pop out of my box
to lure more children to the gypsy’s table.All so another collegiate, Gucci,thrift shop quality Jack-in-the-Box
could expire at the end of a 10-year shelf life.

Well… I think-
After years of being marooned in solitude,
my tongue frozen
to this iceberg prism of certainty,
I have taken the world as my sandbox,
to shape,
to manipulate,
to build sandcastles for my every personality.
But what Jack ended up as-
my plastic shovel?

That tarot spread
gathers back into a stack on the table
as the gypsy slaps down his ruler of prediction.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years!
…You tell me

– Intuitive Ginger

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