Darkness in the cauldron

Alphabet soup

Sizzle, splash, burp

Words bubble and pop

Burn my face like hot bacon grease

          Stir, stir, stir…

Don’t let words stick

Don’t let the soup boil

Don’t let the letters coagulate


Compound into complex adjectives

          Stir, scrape, stir…

Oops, a sentence formed

Oops, darkness escaped

Now you’ve done it

They read it, they see you

They don’t understand

          Stir, scrape, scrape…

Shit! The heat’s too high

Blackhole, sucking in the light

Mariana Trench, swelling upward

Bubbles up, boils over

Liquid sentences pour down the sides

          Scrape, scrape, scrape…

Too late

Can’t stop it now

The cauldron writes

The thoughts no one

Will speak

– Intuitive Ginger

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